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Support FAQ

Illuminate is having problems connecting to my Homeworks server - what is wrong?

  • Ensure “Hostname” value is set correctly. This value is the IP address or host name of your Homeworks server.
  • Ensure your Homeworks integrator has web-enabled the appropriate keypads.
  • Ensure your username and password are correct. These values should match the values your Homeworks integrator used when he or she web-enabled your keypads. If your integrator do not specify username or password when web-enabling the keypads these values are optional.
  • Ensure your iPhone/iPod touch can reach the Homeworks server. One easy way to do this is to launch Safari on the device, and navigate to the address of the Homeworks server. If it is reachable by your device, Safari will display the Homeworks web interface.

My integrator added some keypads, but they are not appearing. Where are they?

Whenever an integrator changes the configuration of web-enabled keypads (adds or removes keypads or buttons, changes keypad or button names, etc), you will need to “Refresh” your Illuminate application. This can be done by launching Illuminate and pressing the “Refresh” icon in the upper right hand corner. This tells Illuminate that new keypad and button data is available for download and auto-configuration from the the Homeworks server.

Can Illuminate work outside of my home network?

Yes. If your home network is configured with a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can access your Homeworks system from anywhere with internet access. Talk to your Homeworks integrator or network administrator about VPN access.