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Project Wonder

We have contributed a substantial amount of time and code to Project Wonder, which is one of the largest and most popular WebObjects frameworks. To download the latest Project Wonder, you can visit our nightly build server.


WOLips is a collection of Eclipse plugins that support WebObjects development from modeling and component construction through to deployment. We are proud to be one of the development leads of the WOLips project. To download the latest WOLips, you can visit our nightly build server. To keep up with the latest in WOLips development, you can read the WOLips Blog.


Eclipse on the Mac leaves a lot to be desired. The Maclipse project is aimed at making Eclipse look, feel, and perform in the way we expect of Mac apps.


JChronic is a Java port of the Ruby natural language date parser 'chronic'. While it is included as part of Project Wonder, we also maintain a standalone build of JChronic for use outside of WebObjects.


ArcBallJOGL is a JOGL/Java port of NeHeGL's C++ implementation of the ArcBall algorithm for intuitive rotation of a 3D view with 2D mouse movements. The javadoc provides example usages, but you should be able to integrate it with an existing JOGL app with only a few lines of code. You can grab the ArcBall JOGL source here.

Quartz Composer Safari Plugin

Quartz Composer documents can be embedded in Safari via QuickTime, but there is no way to interact with it or bind variables. The Quartz Composer Safari Plugin allows a Quartz Composer document to be embedded in, interacted with, and bound with Cocoa-Javascript bindings. The source code is available as well. A sample page is also provided.

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